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Likes in spanish for facebook

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Like the English "Like" or does it follow the Spanish pronunciation? Also, does this verb exist in other tenses?

Can I say "Yo quiero like esta video"? Or does it exist only in that one particular expression? It facebooj like a lot of you are misunderstanding my question.

I don't mean "I like this video" as in "Me gusta esta video". I understand how that works.

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Danos me gusta en Facebook. Muchas gracias! De nada: English US Spanish Mexico.

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Danos un like en facebook o danos me gusta en facebook. This answer was given within 60 minutes of the question being posted.

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Are there tons of outraged and dissatisfied customers? Or is everyone thanking the company for their help?

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Facebook browsing can be enhanced by apps fod New Culture Alley and PlaySayout there striving to build Spanish learning likes in spanish for facebook top of Lao girl com. Rather than just reading and translating to yourself, these apps challenge you, quiz you, and keep track of imaginary points to give you that hallmark of technology-age generations: Check out to start playing!

Left and right, individuals are uniting to create language learning communities out of sheer passion. Getting the right content on your home page is easy when you know where to look. Here are some great pages for learning Spanish with the ability to teach you, intrigue you, and likes in spanish for facebook your day:.

Transparent Spanish The mission statement of this powerhouse language software company is to integrate learning into real life situations. What makes this unique is connectivity. People from all over the world are here swapping language learning battle stories, exchanging learning resources, griping and bellyaching about verb tenses, and laughing about how their accents used to sound. From gor blog posts about fumbling through beginning Spanish to articles reviewing polished learning tools, a great deal of helpful content gets posted.

Transparent Spanish itself takes care of its community of followers by posting daily vocabulary words, grammar lessons, and insightful articles. likes in spanish for facebook

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